Hard Times Handbook

Hard Times Handbook index



Apple chicken curry-89,Apple cinnamon panckakes-32,  Apple Muffins-34,Apple potato casserole-210, Apple sauce cake-168, 249, Bean and apple bake-120, Bread casserole-200, Carmel apples-180, Cheese pasties-191, Dessert packets-139, Easy risotto-130, Fidget pie-186, Mustard roast-113, Pork chops and beer-111, Apple Sandwiches-56, Scalloped apples-151, Strudel-65.


Cooking-12, 115, Baked black beans-116, Bean and apple bake-120, Bean buns-189,  Bean cakes 206, Bean and corn soup-206, Bean strata-188, Beans and potatoes-207, Bean taco-207, Beans and weenies-211, Black bean and rice salad-116, Black bean soup-117, California beans and franks-188, Chalupas-119, Chicken and black bean salad-118, Easy black bean soup -117, Easy Burritto-208, Falafel-207, Fiesta casserole-189, Home stew-73, Italian white beans-119, Red beans and rice-118, 207, Spicy baked beans-119, Taco casserole, -120,  Taco soup-120, Texas style black bean soup-117.


Barbequed chuck steak-103, Beef strudel-65, Cuts-101, Cooking-101, Deviled steak-103, Extending expensive cuts-101, Fajitas-102, Leftover beef pie-156, Orange beef-102, Preparation-12, 13, 101, Savory stew-103, Swiss steak-102, Tenderizing-12, 13, 101, Weinerbraten-103.


About-195, Bacon, egg and cheese biscuits-196, Barbequed biscuit cups-196, Basic biscuit recipe-33, Biscuits with cream sauce-196, Biscuits on casseroles-196, Biscuit cobbler-197, Biscuit cups-198, Biscuit dumplings-196,  Biscuits and gravy-196, Biscuit pastry 197, Biscuit pies-196, Biscuit shortcake-197, Cheese biscuits-196, Cinnamon biscuits-197, Pizza biscuits-197, Pullybread-33, Stuffed biscuits-196, Sweet biscuits-34, 197, Vegetable topped biscuits-196.


Apple cinnamon pancakes-32, Baking mix-32, Basic sourdough loaf-54,  Basic yeast bread-48, 49, Biscuits-33, 34, 195-197, Bread casserole-200, Bread and milk-198, Bread omelet-151, Bread pancakes -149, 150,  Bread pudding-150, 160, Bread puffs-149, Bread sticks-52, Bread soup-198, Breakfast casserole-191, Brydens-180, Buttermilk bread-42, Buttermilk brown bread-42, Cheese toast-197, Convert any loaf to sourdough-54, Cornbread-43, Cornmeal pancakes-33, Crackers-39-41, Cream sauce on toast-198, Creamed tuna on toast-199, Crepes-47, Crullers-35,  Custard balls-50,  Dumplings-38, 63,  Double quick dinner rolls-50, English muffin bread-52, French toast-151 Fritters-32, Fruit bread pudding-150, Fry bread- 38, Golden buck-197, Irish soda bread-46, Johnny cakes-43, Mama’s cornbread dressing-151, Milk bread-51, Molasses bread-51, Muffins-34, Mushroom toast-198, No knead yeast bread-50, Oat bread-52, Pancakes-32, Pizza crust-53, Pocket dumplings-44, Polenta- 201, Poor mans bread-199, Popovers-47,  Potato flat bread-48, Pullybread-34, Quick bread-41, Rusks-42, Sopaipillas-43,  Sourdough starter-54, Strudel pastry-65, Substitutions-17, Sweet rolls-35, 53, Tomato cheese toast -197, Tortillas-36, 37, Waffles-36, 37, Water bread-51.

Bread combinations

Bagel breakfast-200, Beef strudel-65, Biscuits-33, 34, 196-197,  Biscuit cups-197, Blintz-62, 200, Bread casserole-200, Breakfast casserole-191, Cheese pasties-191, cheese raviolis-61, Cheese toast-197, Chicken pie-95, Chicken and Polenta-98, Chicken puffs-59, 94, Chicken strata-93, Chicken soft tacos-66, Crab Rangoon-67, Cream sauce on toast-198, Creamed tuna on toast-199, Deep frying batter-62, Filled Dumplings-63, French toast-195, Gnocchi-64, Golden buck-197, Hash brown casserole-187, Impossible chicken pie-93,  Impossible vegetable pie-192,  Indian tacos-67, Kreplach-63, Mini pizzas-199, Mushroom patties-183, Onion pasties-213, Pierogi-63, Pork strudel-110, Quesadillas-66, Ravioli-6o, 61, Sandwiches-56, 57, Scalloped apples-151, South of the border chicken tacos-67, Spicy meat pies-64, Strudel pastry-65, Stuffed French bread-58, Tamales-59, 60, Tuna boats-121, Tuna cream cheese rolls-213,Tuna sandwich casserole-121.


Apple cinnamon pancakes-32, Bagel breakfast-200, Biscuits-33, 34, 195-197, Breakfast casserole-191, Cornmeal pancakes-33, Egg McMuffin-192, French toast-195, Fried cereal-157, German waffles-36, Oatmeal-194, Scrambled eggs-135, 136, Omelet-135, 136, 194,196, waffles-38


Amish friendship cinnamon bread-225-228, Angel cake-45, 169, Applesauce cake-168, 222, 168,   Apricot bread-173,  Baking hints 121,  224, Carrot cake-223, Carrot pecan bread-173, Chocolate banana mouse cake-170, Chocolate buttermilk cake-224, Chocolate cake-44, Chocolate cream filled cupcakes-167, Chocolate mousse cake-170, Container cakes-223, Crazy cake-166, Easiest cake-44, Light gingerbread-169, Old fashioned ginger bread-168, Snowflake angel cake-169, Sweet lemon bread-46, Twinkies type bars-166, White-cake-46, Zucchini bread-45, 174. 


 About-175, Caramels-178, Caramel apples-179, Caramel popcorn-179, Chocolate caramels-178, Dark chocolate-177, Fail proof fudge-45, Fondant-176, 177, Mama’s fudge-178, 222, Milk chocolate-177,  No bake peanut butter squares-177, No cook fudge-177, No fail fudge-177, Slushies-179.


Breakfast casserole-191,  Cheese eggs-133, Cheese and broccoli soup-192, Cheese pasties-191, Cheese risotto-130, Cheese tacos-208,  Cheese toast-197, Chicken macaroni and cheese-204, Golden buck-197, Ham and cheese casserole-109, Ham and cheese pie-123, Hash brown casserole-187, Italian cheese noodles-203, Macaroni and cheese-204, Ham and cheese casserole-109, Pork and cheese pie-108, Quesadillas-67, Quick macaroni and cheese-203, Ravioli-61,  Tomato cheese toast-197. 


Apple curry chicken-89, Arroz con poyo-97, Basic chicken starter-88, Chicken ala king-89, Chicken balls-90, Chicken biscuits-196, Chicken and dumpings-40,  Chicken black bean salad-110, Chicken broccoli noodles-185, Chicken chowder-88, Chicken enchilada-90, Chicken fricassee-99, Chicken fricassee, shortcut-100, Chicken gumbo-97, Chicken macaroni and cheese-204, Chicken mushroom rice-185, Chicken noodle potatoes-205, Chicken patties-92, Chicken pie-95, Chicken with polenta-98, Chicken puffs- 59, 94, Chicken rice a roni-204, Chicken and rice-98, Chicken salad sandwich-56, Chicken souffle-90, Chicken soft taco’s-66, Chicken with spicy gravy-94, Chicken strata-93, Chinese pearl balls-92, Creamed chicken-89, Creamed chicken and peas-186, Crunchy topped chicken casserole-88, Curried chicken-97, 184, Curried chicken breasts-95, Depression soup-205, Dilled chicken soup-93, French country chicken-91, Fried chicken rolls-92, Fried chicken-99, Foil packets-138,  Garlic chicken-91, Impossible chicken pie-93, Mock abalone steak-97, Polynesian chicken sandwich, 56, Pulled chicken tacos-184, Roast chicken with mashed potato stuffing-96, Roast chicken soup-185, South of the border chicken tacos-67, Spiced orange chicken and rice-91, Tai chicken and spinach-95 Tacos De Gallino-101.


Chocolate banana mouse cake-170 Chocolate cake-44, Chocolate caramels-178, Chocolate chip cookies-164, Chocolate cookies-162,  Chocolate cream cheese bars-165,  Chocolate cream filled cupcakes-167, Chocolate fondant-176, Chocolate frosting-45, 172,  Chocolate glaze-167, Chocolate mousse cake-170, Chocolate pudding-159, Dark chocolate-177, Fail proof fudge-45, Mama’s fudge-177, 222, Melting-14, Milk chocolate-177,  No cook fudge-177, No fail fudge-177, Substitutions-18, 19.



Apricot dream squares-164, Austrian peach cookies-222, Baking hints 161,  Christmas cookies-165, Chrissy’s butter pecans-165, Chocolate chip cookies-164, Chocolate cookies-163, Chocolate cream cheese bars-165, Gingerbread cookies-46, Imperial cookies-161, Macaroons-161,  Mama’s oatmeal cookies-164, Mama’s sugar cookies-163, Spice cookies-163.

Crackers--Buttery oat-40, Cheddar crackers-41, Graham crackers-40, Jalapeno cheese -41, Saltines-39, Soda crackers-40,

Dairy products--



About-39, Basic dumplings-40, Cloud dumplings-40, Filled dumplings-63, Gnocchi-64, Pork dumplings-109


About-8, 133, Alpine eggs-136, Baked eggs and meat-134, Breakfast casserole-191, Cheese eggs-133, Clipped eggs-137, Cooking-9, Curried eggs-134, Deviled eggs-137, Eggs, about, 195, Eggs in béchamel-134, Eggs in cream-133, Egg McMuffin-192, Eggs and potatoes-287, Egg soup-206,  substitutions-22, 23, Eggs in white sauce-134, French toast-195, Golden buck-197, Hardboiled-8,  Noodles and eggs-204, Omelet-135, 194, 195,  Omelet fillings-135, Omelet in tomato sauce-136, Orange omelet-135, Pickled marbled eggs-136, Potato scrambled eggs-210, Scrambled-194, Shirred eggs-133, Shirred eggs and ham-137, soft boiled-8, substitutions-22,23.

Foil packets

Dessert packets-139 Chicken-138, Ham-139, Hamburger 138, Salmon-139, Smoked sausage-139,


Butter cream-172, Caramel-172, Chocolate frosting-45, 172, Chocolate glaze-167, Easiest frosting-171, Easy white mountain frosting-172, Traditional white mountain frosting-1732.

Ground beef-hamburger

Basic meat loaf-80, Beef jambalaya-78, Beef rice casserole-74, Biscuit cups-196,  Budget goulash-182, Burgundy meatballs-81, Cheap and easy shepherds pie-184, Chili-76, Chili pie-70, Creamy mushroom pasta-86, Depression casserole-70, Deviled meatballs-83, Easy hamburger pie-183, Easy Tamale pie-75, Exotic noodles-86, Foil packets-138, Ground beef roll-85, Ground beef with spinach-76, Hamburger base # 1-70,  Hamburger base # 2, 72, Hamburger base # 3-78, Hamburger casserole-70, Hamburger igloo-80, Hamburger potato casserole-72,  Hamburger roast-82, Hobo stew-77, Home stew-73, Indian tacos-67, Lazy shepherds pie-185, Macaroni casserole-75, Macaroni with wine sauce-77, Manicotti-70, 210, Meatballs-81, Meatball goulash-82, Meatballs with lemon gravy-84, Meatballs with pineapple sauce-83, Meatball sandwich-82,  Meatballs in tomato sauce-81, Meatloaf Yorkshire pudding-81, Metite-85, Mexican lasagne-73,  Mushroom patties-183, Pasta casserole-70, Paulette’s spaghetti sauce-71, Porcupines-88, Potato casserole-186, Potato mousaka-73, Raviolis-60, 61, Rice ring-72, Salisbury meatballs-82, Sauerbraten meatballs-82, Shaker stew-83, Shipwreck-75, Skillet macaroni and beef-79, Sloppy Joes-68, Spaghetti pie -79, Spanish rice-68, Stuffed French bread-58, Swedish meatballs-84, Taco bowl-73, Taco casserole-121, Taco soup-130, Tamale pie-74, Texas meatloaf-80.


Egg soup-207, lemon butter-144, 145, lemon curd-144, lemon filling-161, lemon pudding/pie filling-159, lemon veloute sauce-147, Sweet lemon bread-46, Sweet lemon butter-143, Sweet Lemon sauce-143






About-11,Brown orange sauce-147, California beans and franks-188, Candied oranges with applesauce cake filling-222, Chicken and black bean salad-110, Curried orange rice-131, Fat rice-129, Handling, preparing-9,  Orange banana rice-155,  Orange beef-102, Orange curd-144, Orange filling-161, Orange omelet-135, Orange pork steaks-111, Orange rice-131, Orange sauce -143, Orange rosemary pork roast-112, Spiced orange chicken and rice-91.


Cooking-9, Crab Rangoon-67, Cheapest spaghetti-203, Chicken broccoli noodles-185, Chicken macaroni and cheese-204, Chicken noodle potatoes-205, Chicken rice a roni-204, Creamy mushroom pasta-86, Egg noodles-36, Exotic noodles-86,Garlic vermicelli-204, Gnocchi-64, Italian cheese noodles-203, Kreplach-63, Linguine and clam sauce-191, Macaroni casserole-75, Macaroni and cheese-204, Macaroni soup-205, Macaroni and wine sauce-77, Manicotti # 1-70,  Manicotti 2-190, Noodles and eggs-204, Pasta casserole-70, Pasta casserole 2-210, Paulette’s spaghetti sauce-71, Peanut pasta-203, Pierogi-63, Potato ravioli-232, Quick macaroni and cheese-203, Ravioli-60, Ravioli cheese-61, Ravioli potato-210, Spaghetti carbonara-203, Spaghetti pie-79, Skillet macaroni and beef-79, Spicy meat pies-64, Substitutions-23, Tuna mac-202, Tuna noodles-203, Tuna pasta-202.


Brydens-180, Brown sugar doughnuts-54, Cake doughnuts-48, Cinnamon strips-164, Creampuffs-167, Crullers 37, Sweet rolls-35, 53, Glazed doughnuts-54, Glazed snaps-164, Pie crust treats-149, Shortcake-48, Strudel pastry-65


Apple pies-37, Berry pies-37, Chess-38, Cream pies-159, Pastry-37,


About-9, 105, 106, Apricot pork roast-112, Bacon-10, Balsamic pork roast-113, Barbequed pork-105, Biscuits and gravy-196, Breakfast casserole-211, Cabbage, potato and susage-188, Carnitas-106, Chalupas-119, Chili verde-113, Chinese barbeque pork-107, Egg McMuffin-193, Fidget pie-186, Fiesta salad-114, Foil packets-139,  Garlic rosemary pork roast-112, German pork steaks-106, Grillades-107, Ham and cheese casserole-109, Ham and green bean casserole-192, Ham and noodle casserole-110, 120, Marinated pork tidbits-112, Mushroom porkchops-111, Mustard pork roast-113, One pan easy meal-157, Orange pork steaks-111, Orange rosemary pork roast-112, Pork and cheese pie-108, Pork and chicken stew-108, Pork chops in beer-111, Pork dumplings-109, Pork fajitas-105, Pork in green chili sauce-110, Pork and kraut-114, Pork in peanut sauce-109, Pork pie-108, Pork roast-112, Pork strudel-110, Sausage, cabbage and potatoes-187, Spicy pork and rice-106.


Apple potato casserole-210,Beans and potatoes-207, Cabbage and potatoes-207, Chartreuse potatoes-154, Cheap and easy shepherds pie-184, Cheese and broccoli soup-192, Chicken noodle potatoes-205, Chili fried potatoes-210,Cottage pie-152, Creamed potatoes-152, Depression casserole-70, Easy hamburger pie-216, Eggs and potatoes-287, Fidget pie-186, Fried boiled potatoes-152, Fried potato patties-153, Green bean weenie stew-2121, Hamburger igloo-80, Hamburger potato casserole-72, Hash brown casserole-187, Hobo stew-77, Lazy shepherds pie-184, Mashed potato salad-152, Mushroom potatoes-209, Potamato soup-188, Potato, cabbage and sausage-188, Potato cake-153, Potato casserole-186, Potatoes chartreuse-154,  Potato corn soup-187,  Potato mousaka-73, Potato nests-210,  Potato ravioli-210, Potato scrambled eggs-210,  Potato stuffing for  chicken-151,  Potato soup-208, Sausage, cabbage and potatoes-187, Shipwreak-75, Twice baked potato-209.

Puddings and custards

About-159, Bread pudding-150, 160, Chocolate pudding-159, Fruit bread pudding-150, Lemon curd-144, Lemon filling-161, Lemon pudding-159, Orange curd-144, Orange filling-161, Pudding mix-158, Preparing-158, Rice pudding-161, Tapioca pudding-160, Vanilla custard,-160, Washington pudding-160.



About rice-126, Arroz con poyo-99,  Beef rice casserole-74, Beef jambalaya-78, Bird nests-128, Black bean and rice salad-116, Cabbage and rice-210,128, Cheese risotto-130, Chicken chowder-88, Chicken gumbo-96, Chicken mushroom rice-185, Chicken and rice-98, Curried orange rice-131, Easy risotto-130, Fat rice-129, Fried rice-154, Ginger rice-210, Golden rice-128, 211, Island rice-132, Mexican green rice-129, Mexican rice-127, Orange banana rice-155,  Orange rice-131, Preparing-124, Porcupines-98, Red beans and rice-110, 207, Rice balls-155, Rice batterbread-153, Rice croquettes-155, Rice mold-132, Rice ring-72, Rice pudding-128, 175, Scalloped rice-155, Shipwreck-75, Spanish rice-68, 127, Spiced orange chicken and rice-91, Spicy pork and rice-106, Spicy rice-129, Tai salmon and rice- 190, Tuna rice casserole-122, Twice cooked rice-131, Types of rice, 126.


Chicken puffs-57, Chicken salad- 57, Confetti mix-56, Cream cheese and apple-56, Cream cheese, raisin and nut-56,  Fried salmon-57, Peanut butter and banana-56, Peanut butter and apple- 56, Polynesian chicken-57.


About sauces-143, Béchamel sauce-148, Brown orange sauce-147, Brown sauce-147, Cheese sauce-146,  Fruit sauce-143, 148,  Hollandaise-146,  Lemon butter -144-145,  Lemon veloute sauce-147, Medium white sauce-146, Onion sauce-147,  Orange sauce-147, Salsa-pico de gallo-71, Sweet and sour sauce- 148, Rich béchamel sauce-148, Roux-148, Sweet lemon butter-143, Sweet lemon sauce-143, Thin white sauce-146, Thick white sauce-146, Vanilla cream-143, Veloute sauce-147, Very thick white sauce-146, Wild plum sauce-148.

Seafood, canned

Barbeque surprise!-122, Best clam dip-125, Clam chowder-125, Crab rangood-68, Creamed tuna on toast-200, Linguine and clam sauce-191, Salmon burgers-124, Salmon cakes-192, Salmon croquettes-124, Salmon patties- 213, Salmon stew-125, Seafood ramen-190, Spinach salmon foil packets-124, Tai salmon and rice-190, Tuna boats-121, Tuna casserole -122, Tuna cream cheese rolls-213,Tuna loaf-124, Tuna mac-202, Tuna mayonnaise casserole-218, Tuna noodles-203, Tuna noodle casserole-122, Tuna pasta-202, Tuna patties-124,  Tuna sandwich casserole-121, Tuna rice casserole-122, Tuna shepherds pie-123.


Bean and corn soup-206, Black bean soup-117, Bread and milk-198, Bread soup-119, Broth-182, 201, 202, Cheese and broccoli soup-192, Clam chowder-125, Depression soup-205, Easy black bean soup-117, Egg soup-206, Green bean weenie stew-211. Macaroni soup-205, Milk soup-205, Peanut soup 212, Pork and chicken stew-108, Potamato soup-188, Potato corn soup-187, Potato soup-208, Roast chicken  soup-185, Salmon stew-125, Simmering soup pot-13, 14,  182, Savory stew-103, Taco soup-120, Texas style black bean soup-117, Tortilla soup-208, Weenie tomato soup-211.

Sweet breads

Apricot bread-173, Banana bread-173, Carrot pecan bread-173, Plum pudding-174, Sweet lemon bread-46, Zucchini bread-45,174.


Basic-59, Filling-59, Green corn tamale-60, Sweet rice-59, Sweet tamales-60

Tortillas -

Bean tacos 207, Chalupas-119, Chicken enchiladas- 90, Chicken soft tacos-67, Corn tortilla recipe-36, Flour tortilla recipe-36, Flour with egg tortilla recipe-37, Mexican lasagne-73, Quesadillas-67, South of the border chicken tacos-67, Taco bowl-73, Taco casserole-121, Tacos De Gallino-101.


Bean and corn soup-206, Corn casserole-212, Cheese and broccoli soup-192, Easy black bean soup-117, Impossible vegetable pie-192, Potato corn soup-188, Scalloped corn casserole-212, Onion pasties-213, twice baked potatoes-209, Vegetable topped biscuits-196



Food, buying and storing-215,

Thrift stores-216

Gift giving

Bowls and vases-219, Christmas bulbs-220, Emergency kit-219, From your kitchen-221-228, Picture frames-217, 218, Purses-220

Cleaning supplies-228-230

Beauty supplies-230

Free stuff-231

Enjoying life

Beach camping-242, Bon fires-233, Camping-233, 237, Charades-237, 238, Church- 232, Fugitive-237, Games-233, 235, Kites-234, Library-234, Local attractions-234, Nature-234, Scavenger hunt-238, Swimming-234


Hobo art-235, Macrame-235, Paper mache-235, String art-235

Getting together

Dance-237, Group camping-236, Hay ride-242, Picnics-236, Pizza and a movie-236

Pot luck dinner-238, Pool party-238, Super bowl-239, Sock hop-239

Occasions to celebrate

4th of July-241, Autumnal equinox-241, Caesar Augustus-241, Cinco De Mayo-240, Christmas-242, Columbus day-241, Easter-240, Harvest home-241, Holloween-241, Mardi Gras-240, May day-240, New Years Eve-242, Presidents day-239, St. Patrick’s day-240, Spring-239, Summer solstice-241, Thanksgiving-242, Valentines day-239, Vernal equinox-238

Weird and unusual days to celebrate-242, 246

Things for kids

3-D pictures-246, Blind man’s bluff-252, Bubbles-246, 247, Chalk-247, Face paint-247, Finger paint-250, Foursquare-251, Glue-248, 249, Gossip-252, Grandma’s button box-246, Hackey sack-251, Hop scotch-251, Hula hoops-253, Jacks-253, Jack straws or pick up sticks-252, Jigsaw puzzles-248, Jump rope-251, Papier mache-248, Paste-248, Play dough-249, Red rover-252, Silly putty-250, Stickers-247, Stilts-250 Wood paste-249.

Ways to make money

Adult parties-265, Appliance repair-273, Buying and selling cars-274, Car parts sales-274, Children’s parties-265, Christmas trees-271, Clean windows-267, Clothing-261, Construction clean up-268, Detail cars-266, Decorate-268, Decorative plaster work-262,  Decorative house painting-270, Fashion show-265, Fireplace starters-263, Flea markets and yard sales-270, Gift shopper-266, Give lessons-273, Home stager-274, House painting-269,  Jewelry-258, Lawn and yard service-272, Organize-268, Other toys-26, Paint curb numbers-264, Painted eggs-260, Paint mail boxes-264, Personal shopper-266, Produce stand-273, Purses and accessories-260, Quilted items-258,  Refinish/repair furniture-262, Raise butterflies-267, Repair miscellaneous things-271, Reproduction hardware-255, Sell Supplies to recreation sites-272, Stained glass-257,  Stuffed toys-263,  Weddings-267, Winter accessories-259, Wood items-255- Work the net-273,

What to do if you lose your home-276

Bus-282, How to live in a car-279, Passenger or panel vans-282, Pickup campers-282, RV’s-283, Tents-280, Transitional living-278, Travel trailer-281,

Living comfortably 282

Light-282-284,  Staying neat and clean-285, Use your money wisely-286

Guerilla living-289

Be cool-300,301 City mouse-292, Country mouse-290-292, How to cook-302-304, Obtaining food-307-309, On the street without a roof-289, Out into the cold cruel world-288, Relocating-310-312, Staying safe-306, Staying warm-298, 299, Stealth living-293-297, Useful things around camp-305, Where will you live?-290,

Surviving disaster-313

Animal behavior-335, Animal encounters-336, Building more permanent shelters-322-326, Camp furnishings-327, Camp stoves-328, 329, Clean water-329-333, Common tracks-334, Heat exhaustion-319, Hiking and walking-329-333, How to build a fire-313-318, Hunting for your dinner-333, Making a temporary camp-322, Preparedness-313, Reading weather-319, Traps and snares-338, 339, What you can eat-337.





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